Triton Player FAQ

The following frequently asked questions should help you if you experience problems using the player.

Allowing the player to know your location provides you with location-specific content, such as local weather reports, and displays advertising that is more relevant to you.
If you don’t allow it, the player will still work but you will miss out on this enhanced content. We suggest you allow the player to know your location; you can always change your mind later.

This happens if the station does not own the rights to distribute the stream’s contents to your location.
This is sometimes a temporary situation, such as when a sporting event is “geoblocked” for some areas. Try listening later.
  1. Make sure you are using a web browser that support HTML5:
  2. Chrome 4.0 +
    Internet Explorer 9.0 +
    Firefox 3.0 +
    Opera 9.0 +
    Safari 4 +
  3. Visit the following link to check if your Flash Player plugin is up to date:
  4. Close the player tab, clear your browser cache (from your Preferences menu) and load the player again in a new tab.

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